Weddings at the Waltons Hotel Nottingham

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June 3, 2016
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July 3, 2016

Why the Walton’s Hotel is great for Weddings
Truth be told the wedding is the most glamorous and amazing day in many couples life. Therefore the attention to detail, the choice of themes, colours, vendors, guests and even venues is carefully thought through.
In turn hotels, restaurants and parks have significantly altered their spaces to fit with the kid elegance, charm and the kind of finesse that creates this imperial wedding feeling. The Walton Hotel in Nottingham is one of those chic, civil and beautiful hotels with a culture, culinary choices and venues especially suited for weddings.
Set on the North Road in Nottingham, The Walton hotel is a beauteous place set in a 19th-century hunting lodge in the leafy Park District. The Walton’s place is a case of accidental convenience fortified by carefully cultivated hospitality and quality. While at the Walton Hotel venue you are just 15 minutes’ walk from numerous landmarks including Theater Royal Concert Hall, the tram spot and the intu Victoria Center.
The 28 rooms in the hotel are spacious and well-lit with a décor that date, not in an old fashioned way but in a classic, vintage manner that oozes a timeless feel with it. You can feel the touch of history and the outdoorsy personality that occupies every space in this hotel.
Each of the suites has the detailed conveniences of a typical adventurous, English hotel including coffee-making machine, Wi-Fi, canopy on beds, flat screen TVs and tea.
The magic of Walton hotel is that each room bares a unique identity to accommodate the diverse needs of the clientèle. You have family suites, double superior, King suites as well as an array of arrangements that can be modified if need be. If you have plans for an extended stay for a honeymoon you can take advantage of the allocated long-stay suites or the serviced apartments with reduced weekly rates. The facility offers full breakfast with assorted gourmet and la carte options.
Events and Conferences.
Given its outdoorsy, adventurous past as a hunting lodge the Walton still retains its capacity for event hosting, conferences, meetings and even casual tete-a-tete.
The venues are trendy with murals and chandeliers adorning the thick, sturdy walls. The wooden floors have a caramel wood paneling while others have purplish walls that beautifully contrast with the pearly white walls and intensely paneled windows. This makes it easy to mount a wedding decor.
The hotel still retains its minimal, artsy and stylish look of the yesteryears that have since been spruced up to accommodate a more homely and relaxed feel. The reception is delightful, the food is delicious and the hospitality is semi-formal in a non-officious way and heart-warming way.
Outdoors Events
For a wedding after party the Walton hotel has an outdoor terrace for drinking and dining the evening away. The genius of the Walton hotel is their ability to make use of different kinds of lighting particularly mauve, dandelion yellow and cinnamon.
This impressive blending of history and modernity with a touch of delicate beauty and English formalness is what makes the Walton unique for events, especially wedding events. You get to experience a touch of tradition and ceremonious trendiness at one venue.
One downside of hosting your wedding at the Waltons is the raggedy feel of the venue which narrows your theme options. Even then, this can be discounted by the existing blend of art and colors that reduce your need for extra decor in the venue.

The Waltons Hotel. 2 North Road, The Park Estate, Nottingham, England, NG7 1AG,