Printing Services

Some of the packages offer a free digital download. As we have set our prices to be competitive we would recommend you ‘don’t’ try to print our images on your home printer. This isn’t to make money as we set the printing prices to make only 10%, if you download your prints and take them to a supermarket we find our clients are disappointed and never look the same as “on the screen” for the following reasons:

1) Your home printer is only 4 colour therefore reds and greens will appear darker or over saturated. Your cheeks will be red where you don’t want them to be!
2) Our images are colour graded, density and contrast controlled free of charge.
3) We print on Fuji Professional archive grade DPII photo paper.
3) We offer extensive colour stability and life expectancy on all our photo papers.
4) We offer a Vast range of print sizes including standard square and panoramic sizes.
5) You will end up paying at least 20 pence per print with ink and paper at home.