Pregnancy & Maternity Photography Nottingham  and Portraits

Maternity Photography Nottingham by Lewis Romane

Being a parent is one of the most amazing experiences this world has to offer, and it all starts with your pregnancy, a special magical thing that you can now hold onto forever in photos. Seeing the joy on expecting parents faces is such a privilege and see the love shared between a mother and their unborn child is such a joy to photograph. Make sure that you never forget that first moment of parenthood with a maternity photography shoot in Nottingham with Lewis Romane.

From Bump to newborn Baby Maternity Photography in Nottingham, Derbyshire & Leicestershire

After working with brides for many years now, I would suggest that the best time to capture your pregnancy is between 34 & 38 weeks. With so much excitement, the feelings and anticipation and the joy that parents are feeling at this time, the photographs we capture at this period are just incredible. Ensuring that you’re comfortable throughout the shoot is one of my top priorities, the choice of pose is entirely up you, and once you’re comfortable we can create the screen to convey the mood. From fun and playful through to elegant and classic we can capture the look and feel you are looking for. We can be photography mother alone, or the family so that we can create some breathtaking scenes.

Once your lovely baby arrives time has a habit of traveling faster than ever, and they will never be this tiny again. With our newborn photography shoots, we can preserve this unique time capturing those first few days for you to look back on with the same fondness you felt at that very moment. To maintain those magic moments you can visit our studio where once the family feels relaxed and comfortable we can take shoot photographs that will last lifetime.

Maternity Photography both studio based and on location

With over 10 years experience working with expecting parents across Nottingham, Derbyshire and Leicestershire I provide more than just the standard studio maternity photography that allot of people have come to associate with this type of photography. As you can see from the gallery below maternity photography in Nottingham can look spectacular on location, using natural and relaxed surroundings to compliment you and enhance the photographs.

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