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March 12, 2017
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November 21, 2017



Has one of your closest friends recently announced that they have got engaged? Asked you to be their best man, or maid of honour? Decided that they would like YOU to arrange a stag or hen party that will go down in history? Have no fear – help is here!

Whether you’re planning a couple of days in Blackpool or a longer stay somewhere more exotic, Sophie at Viva Vacations can ease you through all the details and keep your stress levels at ‘chilled’!

Here are Sophie’s top tips for a fantastic and well-organised celebration (apart from enlisting her help with it all, of course!):

It’s all about THEM. Ask the bride or groom what they are looking to get out of their stag or hen do. Some people will want to party all day and night, with personalised t-shirts and a full bar crawl. Others will prefer to relax by the pool or at a spa, or try a new sporting activity.

Budget, budget, budget. Weddings are expensive and with an increasing number of people choosing to hold their stag or hen party abroad, guests are also finding it harder to commit to everything that they are invited to. If a two week trip to Las Vegas means that the Groom’s younger brother won’t be able to attend, think again and switch your plans to suit.

Manage your travel plans carefully. Whilst you may get last minute deals, you really are much more likely to get a good deal, and have much more choice, if you book well in advance. A travel agent will have access to group discounts and will remove a lot of the hassle for you in organising your group – particularly if you are all departing from more than one airport and at different times. Some hotels will not accept stag or hen parties, but a travel agent will be able to advise you of any restrictions before you book.

Don’t assume that people will do what you ask them to! It may seem like a simple idea to just send 20 people details of the flight that they have to book – but in all likelihood some will forget, some simply won’t bother and others will leave it too long and the price will shoot up. Instead, give people an all-inclusive price for the trip, take deposits, and book everything together.

Get help. Travel plans do not always go smoothly! If you have booked flights and accommodation with a travel agent like Sophie, they can take care of any hassles and unexpected changes for you, and they may even have SAVED you money rather than being more expensive. That leaves you free to concentrate on the fun stuff, ensuring that the bride or groom (and their guests) have the time of their lives!