Weddings at Hodsock Priory

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January 23, 2017
July 30, 2017

Weddings at Hodsock Priory


Every bride and groom want to be treated like Royalty on their wedding day and Hodsock has almost a millennia of tradition of entertaining Queens and Kings. From Henry II (great-grandson of William the Conqueror, he of Thomas Becket fame) through to the most famous Tudor of them all, Henry VIII (who had some experience of weddings himself) Hodsock has cosseted them all. The house has been royally entertaining its guests for centuries and would welcome you most warmly.


Top of most brides’ lists for a wedding venue is probably atmosphere and stunning backdrops for wedding photography, to forever capture that most precious of days. Hodsock’s Tudor Gatehouse provides a movie-like setting for a wedding entrance, with the aristocratic 19th century house providing elegance and style. Atmosphere and sheer class abound in the gloriously maintained interior rooms with every modern facility the perfect nuptials could require.


An absolute ‘must’ for any stunning wedding venue are picturesque grounds for the guests to wander in and for the happy couple to pose in, against mother nature’s canvas. Hodsock has extensive gardens visited by tens of thousands of visitors every year and there is always something to relish. Hodsock’s snowdrops are now a famous event on their own, followed by golden daffodils, stunning bluebells, then the finery of Summer flowers fading gracefully into Autumn’s golden glow. The small wooden bridge over the lake, the lawns and flower beds, trees galore, Hodsock’s gardens are a treasure all year round.


Hodsock has built up an enviable track record of catering for the special and the wonderful for their wedding guests. Every wedding is magical, but the wedding team at Hodsock together with their range of specialist support companies can produce the truly outstanding. How about a Narnia-themed wedding? Dress code strictly glorious 1940s style, ration-book menus and guests entering through – you guessed it – a wardrobe lined with fur coats. Step out of the wardrobe in to a winter-wonderland effect with the iconic streetlamp for the C S Lewis tales – nothing is too much trouble for the Hodsock team. The bride’s entrance down the grand staircase, the ring in a bird’s nest (specially woven, of course!) – providing moments of inspiration forever. Even the menu has a war-time theme, but don’t be fooled – this is the best food you’ve ever tasted, rationing or not!


Or how about a round-the-world travel theme, the bride and groom paying homage to all the places they have visited on their way to each other? With every detail themed accordingly, no guest could fail to be impressed or could forget a single moment. Find your place at the table by looking for the place markers shaped like countries which the bride and groom have visited – we’re at Peru, you’re over there in Vietnam. Guests hearing-impaired? No problem, add signing to the whole event, so every guest gets the most out of each phase of the day. And the food – did we mention the food?


As the sun gently sets on the perfect day, the floodlighting paints a warm, golden glow on the centuries-old building to form yet another photo opportunity to capture that perfect moment. Priceless.