Baby Photography Nottingham

If your baby is between 2 and eight weeks now is the perfect time to capture your sleeping angel with a professional baby photography Nottingham portrait session. With lots of baby props in a warm, clean environment, we do all of our portraits at our home in Selston. This provides a safe environment for both the newborn but also the whole family and this relaxed and comfortable environment means we can achieve some special shots of your new baby.

Your new child will never be this small again and having high-quality photographs that will last a lifetime is invaluable. We recommend allowing about 2 hours for the shoot and the afternoon we find babily is more relaxed than first thing in the morning. Just after a feed and a nappy change is a perfect time.

Clean & Comfortable Setting for your baby photography in Nottingham

With baby wipes on hand and a comfortable spare room for breastfeeding or changing you will certainly feel at home. We do usually find there are little accidents so you will be grateful for the vinyl flooring. Having a patient and calm temperament is something that comes in handy when working with newborns and children and making sure that the atmosphere stays peaceful is the key to successful baby photography.

For just a few examples of our baby photography portraits, you can take a look at the gallery below or feel free to visit my contact page to make an enquiry regarding baby photography in Nottingham or the surrounding areas.

If you’re a mother-to-be, jump to my maternity photography Nottingham page for more information and examples of my maternity photography.

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