Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1) How would you define your style? Can I have an access/see more of you work please?

    We mix contemporary and traditional with reportage or as some call journalistic. You can view and access all of our galleries at the following link, you just need to enter your name and email to get access to the gallery, there are over 12,000 images from our Weddings and Portrait Sessions. Take a look at our wedding photography gallery or my portraits page for more information on my style of photography.

  • 2) I have certain ideas I would like – can you do these?

    Of course, you can also join Pin Interest and send us a “board” of your favourite ideas/shots. We are on pin interest and you can find our link at the bottom of the home page

  • 3) Are you insured?

    We are fully insured through Swinton Commercial, our policy is with Axa Insurance and we have Liability Insurance up to 1 Million. Our Policy Number is AC TRM 4025010.

  • 4) Are you a member of any professional photography organisations?

    No, and the reason? We would have to ask ourselves what benefit we would get from one of the better known organisations and seeing as we rarely hear of anyone getting any work we prefer to spend our money elsewhere such as equipment and photography training.  It’s mostly for competitions, networking and promotion they’re largely self serving, they exist for their own benefit which is counter to the needs of members, the industry and particularly the customer.

  • 5) What happens if you fall ill on the day?

    We have a 100% record of attendance but we also have 2 partner photographers that we can use should the worst happen. I always have a colleague with me at all events even if it is just to hold the equipment and be a “runner”.

  • 6) Do you have backups – for camera, lenses, other equipment that you use?

    We have 2 cameras one of them being a backup,the same applies with batteries, memory cards etc. We also send all of the images into a back up cloud as soon as the shoot is over.

  • 7) When will I see my pictures, and do I get digital copies of my images?

    We do a full edit with packages Silver and above, this is usually done in 10 days from your event. As we put all of your images in an online gallery you and your friends can download ALL of the images for free and print as you wish. We do an excellent printing service if you prefer us to handle this for you. The online album is there all the time for years to come which can also be password protected for your use only. We can also remove images if you wish and put a selection in a guest gallery and keep the main gallery “secret”.

  • 8) How many hours do you usually spend at one wedding? Will you capture the bride and groom getting ready, the ceremony, and the afterparty? We are looking for 10-12 hours, so every single moment is captured.

    With an “all day package” we will usually start from the moment you are getting ready until the first dance. At this point the lights usually go out and the dance floor is full with ‘drinks aloft’. We rarely see benefit from ‘disco photography’ but we can discuss this further if you wish.

  • 9) How many photographs do you usually take? Will all the images go through post-processing?

    We usually take up to 700 pictures and take about 300 through to process. All of these selected on Silver and Gold Packages have a full edit. This means that each image in the collection is edited through ‘Lightroom’ and ‘Photoshop’ for colour balance and clarity. We also use a bit of creative licence and can spend up to 30 minutes on one image. You can always have the “scraps’ on a memory stick if you wish but we only put our name to the ‘best shots’ in the digital gallery.

  • 10) One more question about post-processing – can you do black and white conversions, sepia tints and other effects, colour popping, blemish removal etc? Unfortunately, some photographers limit this just to tone and colour correction.

    With a gold package, you can detail what conversions you want individually. This includes all you detail above and a lot more. Colour popping is ‘frowned upon’ as a method of editing in the world of Wedding Photography as can appear a bit ‘cheesy’. But you’re the client and we will always follow your direction. You can see examples of ‘selective colour’ in some of the galleries at the clients request. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t but it has a place! The image below has been through a 1 hour edit, it was taken at midday. The sunset has been added post process as have the birds and sunset lighting.

  • 11) Do you offer pre-wedding/engagement shoots session? Does it include any addition costs?

    The Platinum Package includes the Engagement Shoot at a location of your choice, it can be added as a “bolt on” for £150.

  • 12) Are you working alone, or will it be two photographers on the day?

    I always have a shadow photographer/runner on the day who also produces some great  natural shots with a  different lens to capture different moments. This is included in the price. If you want a non shadow photographer i.e. a Lead Photographer like myself there is an £800 surcharge.

  • 13) We don’t want to have a wedding album, we are quite keen to make it ourselves. Is it possible? Can it bring the price of your services down?

    If you don’t want the inclusive ‘phonebook’ album this would reduce the cost by £99.

  • 14) What would be the costs for you to travel out of Nottingham.

    There is no extra charge for travel as we are based in the Midlands.

  • 15) Can you provide me a quote please, excluding the photobooth?

    The “Photo Booth” is actually a “Photo Booth Backdrop” where we charge guests for A4 prints which they can purchase on the day, below is an example. As this is a consumable there is no charge for the setup as we make money on the purchase of prints from guests. We can of course not bring this setup if you prefer not to have it there. The following image is from a recent event.