The Coolest Hen Party Photography Ideas

July 30, 2017

The Coolest Hen Party Photography Ideas

Photos are a perfect way to capture memories, so mark the occasion with a photoshoot that will stand the test of time. The team at free party planning website reveal a number of unique ways that you can use photos to capture the moment from team selfies to DIY accessories!

Group Jump in The Air

Nothing catches moments in time like a candid jump into the air! Among some of the most famous photos ever taken, a group jumping picture seems to freeze the moment in time, making the vibrancy and youthful fun of the moment last a lifetime. Not only do these photos perfectly preserve a moment, but the act itself is also very freeing for those willing to give it a try.

Phillipe Halsman was a photographer who in 1959 published a “Jump Book” based on photos of celebrities taken where they would jump into the air. Through taking these photos, Halsman made a fascinating insight, stating “Soon I recognised that jumps also had a therapeutic value. When my sitters were self-conscious and tense, I asked them to jump. The mask fell. They became less inhibited, more relaxed – ie, more photogenic.”

These photos are perhaps the best way for someone to capture their true self, unencumbered by inhibitions. Conducting a group jump during is one of the best hen party ideas around and you’ll have an image of all your friends looking their youthful best!

Team Selfie

A new wave of photography began when the “selfie” was first invented. Since then, these photos have taken the internet by storm, as the person taking the photo can surround themselves with all the love of their friends who stand behind them. A great way to mark the time of the photo for years to come will be taking a team selfie, where the bride-to-be will gather her girls around her to highlight how her friends made her hen party special.

How You Met The Bride Signs

If the bride-to-be would prefer to take the picture through her own eyes, a great way for the girls to show the depth of their relationship with her is to hold up chalkboards during a team photo. On the chalkboards will be the reason why they first met; from reading “sister” to “college”, “bar in London” to “play school”. Whatever the reason, highlighting the shared experiences with some of the important people in your life makes for one hell of a photo.

Hen Party Photo Booth

One of the most fun and iconic ways to mark the moment is by cramming all the girls into a Photo Booth for a strip of fun photos to remember. Dressing up with hilarious props, girls will feel obliged to pull funny faces and let out their inner child—photos that Halsman claims are much more photogenic!

DIY Accessories

Once you have your photo, there are a number of accessories that will help the photo live long in the memory. The first is to make a personalised mug of the photo, one for each girl which will leave them smiling every time they make their morning coffee. A more ornamental way to display the photo is to place it into a mason jar. This super easy and quirky DIY way to display your photo will make a stylish addition to your mantelpiece. Lastly, making personalised t-shirts are a good way to preserve the photo, as you can wear them as a pyjama top to always remember the good times.

Remember—a picture paints a thousand words, so try some of these terrific ideas and take a photo that will last forever!

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