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January 16, 2017
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January 23, 2017

Thankyou to one of our blog writers who has done a quick Wedding Speech to get your creative juices flowing. We will of course be there as Wedding Photographers to capture the moment but if you need some inspiration on us, read on.

Wedding Speech

It is amazing how people traveled all over the world and are gathered here today to get a free meal. It is an honor to be the big brother and the best man, and I am happy for the newlyweds. As we grew up, my small brother always spoke about how his wedding party will go down. I always knew it would be an epic. Looking at the guests and the reception right now I would call it a classic. Since I was the eldest, I always thought I could get married before him. I mean he was the crazy one and smart driven, but I had the looks. We had a lot of differences, and he was bigger than me. People always thought I was the smaller one. I remember our parents forbid him from hitting me, and I took advantage of that by torturing him knowing very well he wouldn’t fight back. He was my best friend and we had pretty good moments when growing up.

A few months after joining college I was Smitten when he called to tell me he had found the girl of his dreams. I remember packing and going home to meet her. The moment I saw her pretty face, I knew she would be around for a long time. Her kindness, personality, and big heart charmed us all. She was that missing piece of a puzzle that was missing in our family. Am happy she is part of our family. I wish both of you all the happiness, love and success in this world. Love is invisible, it is unseen and brings beautiful memories and joy that no possessions can bring.

To my sister in law’s family, your daughter is in good hands, am sure she will be treated right by my brother. To know if a man will be a good husband or father, always look at how he treats his mother. My baby brother has always been there for our mom and has a special way of bringing people together.

I would urge the newlyweds to live every day with love as their guide to give more to each other without expectations. To Find the best and funniest things in life and share the happiness they bring. To cater for each other’s needs and share like best friends. Just know from this day you are united, and every decision you make affects the other. And when time passes and old age knocks, do not see the wrinkles or the grey hair; instead see each other as you are today. Let each passing moment feel like the first time you kissed. Marriage is not an easy journey, and it needs nurturing commitments and communication. Lastly, do not advertise your problems to everyone. Some will rejoice in your pain.

On behalf of our family, we are truly blessed to have her, and we cannot wait to meet their mini-them. Let’s us raise our glasses and make a toast to the new couple in town. They now have permission to have sex without anyone judging them.