How to write a Wedding Speech

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January 16, 2017
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January 16, 2017

Are you searching for the best ways on how to write wedding speeches? A wedding is a rare occasion in a persons’ life. It’s the moment that couples exchange vows, promising to be on each others side till death separates them. When chosen to give wedding speeches, you need to prepare yourself to avoid embarrassing moments.

Keep in mind that most weddings get recorded on Smartphones and Video Cameras. Whatever you say in your speech will forever be available. This post gives you 5 tips on how to write a wedding speech.

Center of Attention

When writing wedding speeches, you should avoid the common mistake most speech givers do. That’s making themselves the center of their speeches. You may explain to guests about your connections to the wedding couple.

Make sure it reflects on them positively. Write about how you admire the bride and groom’s commitment to each other, not how you got them to stick to each other during difficult times.


You may be tempted to recall your history with the bride or groom. That should not make you write a long speech that lasts more than 10 minutes. Keep in mind that to get guests attention at alert levels; you shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes reading your speech.

Guests may also be standing waiting to toast. That should make you consider being brief and funny, which will enable guests to toast with light moments.

Make It Clean

Weddings are in most cases attended by friends, relatives and colleagues. When writing the wedding speech, you should remember to make it clean.

As much as your inner circle may appreciate your naughty lines, Auntie Suzie would most probably not be amused.


Another tip when writing wedding speeches is to avoid extreme behavior, for example, reading out embarrassing stories. That’s because you are the speech giver. It means your speech should be about honoring the bride and groom.

It should bring out the best of the wedding couple, not making them feel embarrassed. You should also make sure you talk about issues you can elaborate with a light note, not those that leave guests asking questions.


You may have those jokes that only workmates or friends know. That means if you crack them in the wedding speech, you may make relatives feel left out during the toast.

It means you should also consider sharing with them. That means you should only share acceptable jokes.

How to Practice Reading Wedding Speeches

• When writing wedding speeches, it’s a good idea to read them aloud beforehand. That ensures you gain confidence on the big day. Reading it aloud also makes you pinpoint areas that may cause discomfort to the wedding couple.

• Check the time it takes you to read the wedding speech. That will enable you to know if it’s short or long. Make sure you trim it if it’s long. It ensures you give speeches that don’t last more than 3 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Writing wedding speeches should be easier using the above post. Make sure you write one that’s appealing to the general wedding audience and also brief.